Card Games

Card games today are available for all levels and in many different styles, with collectible/trading card games (CCGs) like Magic: The Gathering being the most popular. After purchasing an initial deck, players can use various booster cards (ranging from common to super rare) to customize their deck in any way they want (within the game rules) to be used against other players. The selection of cards is always changing, allowing even long-time players to continuously explore the game, collect cards, and customize their deck.

At Storm Brew Games, we carry product for several popular collectible and customizable card games, including Magic: The Gathering, Lightseekers, Star Wars: Destiny, Marvel’s Vs System 2PCG, and Pokemon. We also host game nights for Magic, Lightseekers, and Destiny. Check out our calendar of events for more information.

Magic the Gathering

Build Your Deck

When it comes to CCGs, Magic is our specialty. We work closely with Wizards of the Coast to be sure we have all the starters, booster packs, and supplies you need, and we also buy and trade individual cards. Come see us today for all things Magic, and when you’re ready to play, we invite you to hang out, have a snack, and enjoy some healthy competition in our relaxed and friendly game space.

Test Your Skills

At Storm Brew Games, we host group events for Magic throughout the week. If you enjoy constructed tournaments, both standard and modern formats are available with an entry fee of only $5.00.

For a more level playing field and the chance to check out (and build a deck from) new cards as part of the game, check out our MTG Draft nights, available on Mondays for an entry fee of $15.00.


Can’t Get Enough of Magic: The Gathering, Lightseekers, Destiny, or Pokenmon?

No problem! We host several nights per week. Join any of our constructed tournaments. Visit our event calendar for more information.

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